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Hello everyone, if a movie or tv-series is not available on uwatchfree you can request it here, we will try to add it as soon as possible.

Please search the site before making a request.
Don’t ask for HD print of a movie, your comment will be ultimately ignored.

Please provide the following details if possible:

Movie name:
Movie releasing year:

Add your Requests in the comment box below, we will try to add it if possible.
Good Luck.

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  1. I’m out of Movies to watch with my family. I’m thinking of a family-friendly – Anime series. Do you have the Cardcaptor Sakura (1998) from Season 1 up to the last? I’m not sure how many seasons it has since I only watched the first 2 seasons. Please and thanks.

    Cardcaptor Sakura Season 1
    ….. Season 2
    ….. Season 3
    ….. Season 4

    I think it also has a movie version. If you have it please share it. This is gonna be great if you guys upload it sooner. BIG THANKS!!!!!

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